• YIS students have worked so hard this school year. Please enjoy the awards videos! 

    • Subject Area Awards (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies): For students who excelled in each subject
    • Student Council Award: Student Council representative for each homeroom
    • Citizenship Award: Students who always respectful to teachers, peers, and all-around awesome! 
    • Cool Cougar Award: Super hard workers!
    • Live, Love, Learn Award: Student that displays good citizenship, character, politeness, etc. 

    There will also be awards posted for special areas such as: 

    • Art Club
    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Heart & Sole
    • Kids' Break
    • Quiz Team
    • Tennis Club

Team 5-1

Team 5-2

Team 5-3

Team 5-4

Team 5-5

Team 6-1

Team 6-2

Team 6-3

Team 6-4

Activity Awards

Reading Awards